Copyright issues with sharing journal articles

Is there any copyright restrictions or issues with sharing various journal articles within our organization via zotero? We have subscriptions to most but not all of these journals.
  • Using Zotero is no different than using any other means of sharing copyrighted material (Dropbox, email, etc.) -- you have to make sure you comply with aplicable copyright and licensing.

    This is not legal advice (and I don't work for, let alone speak for, Zotero), but generally speaking, if you're at a university in the US, sharing within a reasonably small group, you may be covered by fair use in terms of copyright, but are likely in violation of conditions of use of the electronic database/publisher from which you are getting the materials. Realistically, no one is going to bother you about this though.
    If you're at a for-profit, I'd talk to your in-house council and do everything 100% by the books.
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