Word Processor Citation List Imported to Zotero


I have a chronological .docx list of 1,962 separate citations of articles published from data of one study. I am trying to compile a collection in Zotero with all the articles in hopes of summarizing the literature. Opposed to opening each link to their respective papers and using the chrome plugin to import each paper into Zotero. Is there any way for Zotero to mass import all of the citations separately into the collection?

Thanks in advance!
  • If all of them have URLs you could extract them and try

    I'd do that in batched of 100 rather than all at once.

    Otherwise or if you find that too confusing you use https://www.zotero.org/support/kb/importing_formatted_bibliographies but they quality of import is likely going to be lower
  • Thank you for your response! Unfortunately none of the citations have URLs and the document was not created with Zotero nor Mendeley plugins. The AnyStyle parsing tool is helpful to get the author, title, and journal information into Zotero, but I was hoping to have the abstract and maybe a link/DOI to the article as well.

    The citations are in AMA format. However, only 319 of the 2,000 citations include a DOI, the rest only include: AuthorLastname FirstInitialMiddleInitial. Title in sentence case. Abbreviated Journal Title in Title Case. Year;volume(Issue#):PP-PP.

    Is there a way to add the abstract, DOI, tags, and/or other article information to Zotero from these citations? I guess to achieve that we would need software to find the article from citation, extract the additional info from the source, then add it to Zotero. Or am I limited to the title, author, and journal information extracted from the parsing tool? Thanks again!
  • You can get the DOI using https://github.com/bwiernik/zotero-shortdoi but none of the other information currently; that may be available in the future, but I don't see a good way of doing it now, I'm afraid.
  • That should help a lot. I appreciate your assistance!
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