Citation Style: World Journal of Gastroenterology/Baishideng Publishing

Hi there:

I was wondering if I could get a bit of help with a style; I was working on trying to edit it myself, but got stuck with a few of the fields.

The base format I think would be [with no et al (that part I can fix)]. The part that really was making my life hard was the need for PMID and DOI to be put in the bibliography.

Example formatting:
Jung EM, Clevert DA, Schreyer AG, Schmitt S, Rennert J, Kubale R, Feuerbach S, Jung F. Evaluation of quantitative contrast harmonic imaging to assess malignancy of liver tumors: A prospective controlled two-center study. World J Gastroenterol 2007; 13: 6356-6364 [PMID: 18081224 DOI: 10.3748/wjg.13.6356]

Thanks so very much for your help!!!!

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    <group prefix="[" suffix="]" delmiter=" ">
    <text variable="PMID" prefix="PMID: "/>
    <text variable="DOI" prefix="DOI: "/>

    Just put that at the end of the citation style - elegantly you'd put it in a separate macro and call that macro at the end of the citation style.

    Zotero will parse the PMID variable when you have "PMID: 18081224" (without the quotation marks) in the Extra field, other ref managers may have their own mapping/field.
  • Awesome! With that, I was able to get the formatting just right. I'll paste my crude code here for the next person who has this issue (although I think I like your coding as it's shorter).

    <macro name="PMID">
    <text value="PMID: "/>
    <text variable="PMID"/>
    <macro name="DOI">
    <text value="DOI: "/>
    <text variable="DOI"/>

    <group prefix="[" suffix="]" delmiter=" ">
    <text macro="PMID"/>
    <text macro="DOI"/>
  • Do consider making the whole thing available:
  • I shall upload it this evening, but first I want to fix the book chapter format.

    The format is supposed to be:
    Lam SK. Academic investigator’s perspectives of medical treatment for peptic ulcer. In: Swabb EA, Azabo S. Ulcer disease: investigation and basis for therapy. New York: Marcel Dekker, 1991: 431-450

    but the way the code is, I have Swabb EA, Azabo S, editors. What do I need to fix to finish the code?

    <macro name="editor">
    <names variable="editor" suffix=". ">
    <name sort-separator=" " initialize-with="" name-as-sort-order="all" delimiter=", " delimiter-precedes-last="always"/>
    <label form="long" prefix=", " text-case="lowercase"/>

    The call is:
    <else-if type="chapter paper-conference" match="any">
    <group prefix=" " suffix=". ">
    <text term="in" suffix=": " text-case="capitalize-first"/>
    <text macro="editor"/>
    <text variable="container-title"/>
  • remove <label form="long" prefix=", " text-case="lowercase"/>
  • Thanks! It seems to work perfectly; just uploaded it (and hopefully did it right)
  • doesn't look like it. If you just put it up as a gist, (option C) you'll need to post the link here. Otherwise you're likely missing a step
  • I went with Option A, but I forgot to pull the request which I just did. Hopefully better now!
  • yep, got it, if anything needs changing I'll let you know over there.
  • Hi,
    After alot of searching I finally found something to help me. Im writing a review for World Journal of Hepatology - Baishideng Publishing Group and they have the weirdest citation rules.

    So I know this is like 7 years later :P But I am stuck at this stupid citation format for them.

    I downloaded ( and incorporate it into Zotero but fail to follow the steps thereafter. As soon as I copy-paste what @adamsmith or @scongly has written above into the Zotero Style Editor, it says "Error parsing style: , Error: File is not valid XML"
  • We'd have to see the whole style as you modified it. Paste to or and post the link here.
  • @damnation
    Thank you for the great job! I am trying to write a review for World Journal of Diabetes- Baishideng Publishing Group. Couple of things: the numbers in brackets must not be superscript and must precede commas and full stops. In addition, the name of the first author of each reference should be bold. Do you think you could fix these details as well? Thank you so much once again, Tasos.
  • I was wrong! Numbers should be superscripted and inside the punctuation.
  • Zotero/CSL does not control where the citation is placed. It will be inserted where your cursor was. Equally you can move it around/put the dot after it and delete the one before.
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    @damnation You are totally right! Thank you very much for your response.
  • hi, my university has asked to use the Bluebook 19th edition citation style in our projects. Whenever I type bluebook in the Zotero citation preference list it gives me 3 options, namely bluebook inline, bluebook law review and bluebook law review (2). Can anyone please tell me which edition the bluebook is Zotero using and what is the difference between the aforementioned terms.
  • @damnation Thank you very much!
    ~ STR
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    We have added all ~40 Baishideng journal styles now, so they can be found via the journal names.
  • Hi, could someone correct World Journal of Gastroenterology/Baishideng Publishing style by bolding first surname and add PMID number. Thank you :)

    Luukkonen PK, Sädevirta S, Zhou Y, Kayser B, Ali A, Ahonen L, Lallukka S, Pelloux V, Gaggini M, Jian C, Hakkarainen A, Lundbom N, Gylling H, Salonen A, Orešič M, Hyötyläinen T, Orho-Melander M, Rissanen A, Gastaldelli A, Clément K, Hodson L, Yki-Järvinen H. Saturated Fat Is More Metabolically Harmful for the Human Liver Than Unsaturated Fat or Simple Sugars. Diabetes Care 2018;41:1732-9. [PMID: 29844096 DOI: 10.2337/dc18-0071]
  • Separate styling for the first author isn't possible. PMIDs are already included where they're in the data (as PMID: 12345 in Zotero's Extra field)
  • Thank you so much :)
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