Group File Sharing

Hi all,

I'm managing a group bibliography. I'd like to attach PDFs to some of my references. However, when I try to attach a file, I get an error message that reads, "Files cannot currently be added to group libraries."

Are there any viable workarounds?

  • Yes, I'd like to know this as well. I have two groups, one a research group that is collectively reading on a specific topic. I have about 30 pdfs that I'd like to upload to the group library but can't figure out how to do so. Also, I've started a new group with an eye towards developing an interdisciplinary course. We'd like to share our favorite articles on the topic in the group library. How can we attach the pdfs, not just the citations?

  • PS I tried dragging my library into a subfolder in the group library that I created called "articles" but each time Firefox freezes and requires a restart. What am I doing wrong?
  • As for the file problem - there currently is no workaround I know of- files can not be synchronized for group libraries (I think the solution for this is non-trivial so that might take a while).

    As for the second problem - what happens if you go to my library, select all items and then drag them? If you have a large library, maybe do that in batches. I don't think the library itself is supposed to be dragged anywhere.
  • Wouldn't it be less work to simply enable links in the group libraries? If all group members have access to the location of the link - which should usually be the case (could be a local server or just an online source) - clicking the link to the file would trigger a download.

    I am also unsure why links to files have been disabled in group libraries. It is possible to save a link "to current page" for instance, so why not allow links to files?

    In my opinion this would be immensely helpful for research groups sharing one library and then finally have an easy way to access e.g. PDF files. We are really interested in this feature, not to say this is the only issue keeping us from using Zotero exclusively and extensively.
  • This is of extreme interest to our group as much that without it, we are considering abandoning Zotero for another application.

    Links alone will not cut it. We need PDFs of docs that are not yet open to the public.

    It would seem to us that a simple solution might be to create a WebDAV for the Group Libraries. This would permit us to do the inverse of what is now the system. Load the PDFs to the Group Lib, and Sync to that, with a link to that record for our My Lib. This method should be less taxing on the Zotero Servers as well, as it will cut out duplicate novel links. The tough part will be the Sync protocal for the Group Lib, given multiple users might be seeking to update in real time.

    Please Hurry Up Developers! :-)
  • There are a number of threads about this but, for what it's worth, I'm casting my vote as well: this is by far my most-desired feature.
  • Group file sharing is now possible in 2.0b7.
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