Won't Copy Cite from Google Scholar

I am using the Zotero extension in the latest version of Google Chrome on desktop.

When I find a ref in Google Scholar, the Cite box shows me the 5 format options for the cite (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc). When I highlight the citation format that I want (APA) and right click to "Save to Zotero" I can find no evidence of the saved cite in Zotero. Can you help?
  • That's not how you use Zotero. You use the Save to Zotero button in the browser toolbar:

  • I can also save a citation in google scholar simply by clicking on 'cite' then the 'endnote' option. I don't know if that relies on certain settings, I didn't set it up knowingly. You don't need to be choosing citation style here though as zotero is saving enough information to output any style you want later.
  • While that works, we still recommend you always use the Save to Zotero button when it's available. It tries to fix data quality issues where possible and, for Google Scholar e.g., will also attach available PDFs.
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