I want to know when the mac M1 can be adapted.

That is important for me
  • Zotero works fine on M1 Macs with Rosetta 2 emulation. We don't have a specific timeline for when we will have native support.
  • I hope to put M1 adaptation on the agenda as soon as possible, after all, intel is still too unfriendly to zotero's memory.
  • I'm not sure what "intel is too unfriendly to zotero's memory" means (intel chips cause zotero to use more memory? Is that true, and even if it is, if you're M1, is that a problem for you?), but it sounds like a claim that should be quantifiable. Do you have numbers to substantiate this claim?
  • Mac displays intel for software that needs rosetta2 translation, which will cause the memory consumption ratio to be optimized and adapted to M1, and Apple's software will be displayed, which will greatly reduce the memory consumption and improve the use efficiency. Therefore, I hope to adapt M1 as soon as possible.
  • Why can't M1 be optimized? Apple's official website also explained that it is easy to optimize and adapt M1, so there is no need to rosetta2 translation again.
  • You don't know what you're talking about here. There's no significant difference in memory usage, and porting to Apple Silicon isn't "easy" in Zotero's case. I explain more there:


    There's no point in posting further about this. This is something that will happen as soon as it can, but it's still a ways out. In the meantime, Zotero runs perfectly fine on Apple Silicon Macs — which we know, because we're using them ourselves.
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