Plugin for navigating back/forward in item selection history

You use Alt+Arrow keys.

Hopefully someone gets some use of it.
  • Very helpful indeed, thank you so much!
  • edited January 25, 2022
    Excellent tool. As much as I love Zotero, one tends to jump from one item to another it cites, then to another cited item, then another, etc. ... following a trail of information ... and sometimes I get lost. Finding one's way back to where I started, or an intermediate item I want to re-visit, is often difficult. This add-on helps greatly with that problem.

    Even better would be if Zotero had an inbuilt, ordered "History" pane, from which earlier items could be selected again. Or perhaps a selectable Recent Items list in the File menu. That would also help with resuming where one left off in a previous session, as mentioned before ...
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