Performance hit with citeproc-rs?

I'm running some initial tests with citeproc-rs. Once thing that I expected was for -rs to run a good bit faster, but so far I'm finding the opposite.
The following two debugs are from running the same operation -- creating an APA 7 bibliography for ~250 random items and copying to clipboard. As you can see from the debug, citeproc-rs takes twice as lang, with Zotero freezing for several seconds while it's processing:
citeproc-js: D57516408
citeproc-rs: D103461627

This was also the case without running debug, so I don't _think_ it's because -rs is much more verbose.
I'm not sure how much of a problem this is -- I doubt processor speed is a huge bottleneck given other speed issues with e.g. Word integration, but still seems odd and not ideal.
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