Zotero Connector - DOI import problem

Zotero connector has a problem importing DOI correctly if the metadata are writen like this:

<meta name="DC.identifier" scheme="DOI" content="10.46555/VTEI.2021.09.002 " />

This is an example from https://www.vtei.cz/2021/12/nakladani-s-popelem-v-obehovem-hospodarstvi-obci/

Can be it solved on the connector side?
  • CC @AbeJellinek -- haven't looked at this, but I think that should be fixable in Embedded metadata (or RDF)
  • edited December 22, 2021
    Zotero has no problem with that line. The problem is that they're defining the namespace incorrectly:

    <link rel="schema.DC" href="https://purl.org/dc/elements/1.1/" />

    The actual URI uses 'http', not 'https'.

    I assume everything we're actually saving is coming from the citation_* tags.

    I guess we could check for this, but they're essentially not defining any valid DC metadata here.
  • The trivial fix would be to add this line to Embedded Metadata.js:

    statement[1] = statement[1].replace(/^https:\/\/purl.org\//, 'http://purl.org/');

    A more comprehensive fix would be to accept any https:// version of a namespace URI defined in RDF.js.

    Either way, this would be accepting invalid data. We can do it, but really the site should fix their data.
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