Opening the stored file instead of the URL

edited December 11, 2021
Some of my items in Zotero are book sections generated by Zutilo, with attached links to the pdf of the whole book under its own entry; quite a few of them additionally have links to versions of the chapter in repositories online (such as JSTOR or at De Gruyter). Double clicking on the entry invariably opens the online version, but this is undesirable behaviour. Is there a way to convince Zotero to prioritize the linked pdf file instead?
  • (Bumping this because I've just realised that my original description of the problem wasn’t accurate.)
  • Can you take a screenshot of the expanded parent item and its child items in the middle pane, upload it somewhere (e.g., Dropbox or Google Drive), and provide a link here? Double-clicking the parent should always prioritize a PDF if available.
  • Right. I suspect the issue here is that the pdf is not connected to the entry directly, but via an open-pdf link. Here is what it looks like: 2021-12-12 um 00.42.25.png?dl=0

    I want to open the chapter "Kant on ends in nature" on page 58 of the file of the book "Groundwork for the Metaphysics of Morals" by clicking on the book section entry. What happens however is that the URL is opened and I end up at the online version at De Gruyter.
  • Yeah, that's not any sort of supported workflow. That's just a link attachment, which could be to anywhere (e.g., an Amazon product page), and the contents of the item's URL field always will take precedence.
  • Suspected as much. Thanks for taking a look anyway.
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