RSS error: cookies turned off/wrong data imported

Hi all,
I have several journals where I subscribe to the RSS feed. With some it works fine, with others there are different things that go wrong.
One journal "Social Studies of Science": In the RSS feed it correctly shows individual articles, with author names, title etc. However, when I click on "Add to my library", it saves all articles with the author field empty, and the title field being: "SAGE Journals: Your gateway to world-class research journals" and the abstract field some other generic text. The URL is:
With journals from Wiley, it doesnt save them at all, when clicking on "Add to my library" but gives an error message "erorr-cookies turned off".
I guess this is the same issue, but I cannot figure out where I need to turn the cookies back on, nor can I remember that I have been asked to turn them off.
I find it also slightly confusing that the RSS feed can show the data correctly, so why is it not possible to just move the data over from the feed to the library?
Any help?
many thanks
  • I encountered the same issue and I tried to manipulate the configurations with "cookie" but still failed.
  • So my temporal solution is double click the item and link to the original website, then add it into my library via the browser's Zotero plugin.
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