ID:1362204701 - Cannot add annotation and sync

When adding a new annotation, the built-in PDF viewer crashed. Then went back to Home screen to sync and this error happened. Thanks.
  • Issue solved by re-starting zotero 6 beta (latest version). Thanks.
  • disk I/O error
    For what it's worth, a disk I/O error is a general, unspecified problem with Zotero's ability to access your disk. If you have your Zotero data directory on a network drive or external disk, you should move it back to the local disk to avoid these kinds of problems.

    If your data directory is already on a local disk, there may be an actual problem with your disk, and you should check it for errors.
  • Thanks for your response. For a university desktop we can only save data on a network drive. I'll pay attention to this.
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