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I seem to have some problems regarding the correct citation display. In my preferences both in zotero (including the export tab) and word I set the citation style to APA 7th edition. Still the majority of my references are not displayed in APA 7 - even weirder though is that some are displayed in the correct APA style. I have the impression that my newer additions to my zotero library are correctly displayed. I even exported my project and reimported my library at a different computer to check and the same problem occurs. To try differnt things I also deleted all citation styles except APA 7th and the problem continues...

Any idea what I could be missing or doing wrong?

Any help is greatly appreciated!
Thank you
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    Are the incorrect citations still active fields? That is, do they highlight in gray when you click on them, and if you click Add/Edit Citation, do they show up in the Zotero citation dialog? Do they show up in a bibliography if you generate one?

    Have you previously made manual edits to the citations? If so, Zotero would've prompted you whether to keep your edits, and if you said yes, it wouldn't be able to update them further. In that case, if you click one and click Add/Edit Citation, it should prompt you whether to revert the citation.
  • hey, yes they are still active fields and show up in a bibliography (but in a different citation style, see below). and to make sure i didnt accidently edit anything, I tested some citations in a new word document. The problem persists, though.

    I end up with bibliographies like this:
    Borkovec, T. D., Newman, M. G., Pincus, A. L., & Lytle, R. (2002). A component analysis of cognitive-behavioral therapy for generalized anxiety disorder and the role of interpersonal problems. In Journal of consulting and clinical psychology (No. 2; Vol. 70, Issue 2, pp. 288–298).
    Zhu, N., Wang, W., Liu, Z., Liang, C., Wang, W., Ye, F., Huang, B., Zhao, L., Wang, H., Zhou, W., Deng, Y., Mao, L., Su, C., Qiang, G., Jiang, T., Zhao, J., Wu, G., Song, J., & Tan, W. (2020). Morphogenesis and cytopathic effect of SARS-CoV-2 infection in human airway epithelial cells. Nature Communications, 11(1), 3910.

  • another observation:

    some references are also not displayed correctly in the style preview section within zotero.
    the heading says
    American Psychological Association 7th edition

    (Kazdin, 2007)
    Kazdin, A. E. (2007). Mediators and mechanisms of change in psychotherapy research. In Annual review of clinical psychology (Vol. 3, pp. 1–27).

    but the reference below the heading is not in APA 7.
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    That's APA 7. From the looks of it, you just have it entered as the wrong item type (e.g., a book chapter). What's the item type, and how did you import the item into Zotero?
  • So the type is correct (journal article) but I have since noticed a pattern: if there is an entry under "extra" it seems to be interferring with the correct display in the bibliography. as soon as i delete the entry in the extra field, my citations are shown correctly in the bibliography.

    i had originally created my library with citavi and imported the project into zotero. i guess the extra fields stem from the citavi export/import?

    i am now deleting the extra field by hand but would there be a way to do this automatically or disable the reference view to use info from the extra field?

    and just for additional information, the extra field would also indicate its a journal article. so the info in the extra field would for example look like this

    Num Pages: 14
    Type: JournalArticle
    PMID: 23458319

    and the type is set to journal article but it would be displayed in the bibliography as if it is a differnt type.

    thanks so much for the help! i think you are doing great work with zotero and i am very happy about the switch.
  • Thanks -- that's helpful and a bug in Zotero's import from Citavi

    (If you care about the details: "Type: ... " can be used in Zotero to override existing item types, e.g. to use an item type that currently doesn't exist but is available in citation styles (e.g., "dataset"). Unfortunately, "JournalArticle" isn't how citation styles refer to journal articles, so the citation styles don't recognize them as such.)

    We'll look at fixing this on import, but for you it's likely easier to just remove the erroneous info from Extra. If your library is large, we can give you code to automate that I think.
  • @hejcarmen: To be clear, you only need to delete the Type line. You can and should leave the rest (which will be transferred to new Zotero fields when available, which is happening relatively soon).
  • I've just experienced a version of this using the annual review of sociology citation style csl (it's a very brief style). A bibliography reference returned: Author, I., Author, I. (DATE). TITLE.
    But no journal, or page numbers, etc.

    I did a bulk import from running publish or perish over some google scholar profiles, and they all have versions of: "tex.citation:ₒp=viewcitation&hl=en&user=XXXXXXX&cstart=100&pagesize=100&citationforview=XXXXXXX:YYYYYYY" in the "Extra" field.

    On deleting that info the reference works correctly. I'd rather leave it in (it's useful for identifying those imported ones, and they have other issues which I'll need to fix later), and not sure why the extra field would have this impact.
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    @goodwin57: Can you export an affected item to Zotero RDF and either upload it somewhere and provide a link or email it to with a link to this thread?
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