[Feature Request] Easier entering for part of books

For entering part of books, now you have to first enter the book, then have to copy that entry, add the article/chapter in that copy, then you have to manually connect the two by the "related"-tab.

This is not very intuitive. It would be faster and easier, if an entry "compilation" (or any type) has a button in the title-field to enter part of books without manually copying entries. And the connection in the "related"-tab should then be done automatically.

Similar like in Citavi.

I think, this is much faster and more intuitive.

And my idea goes further:
There are two possibilities for displaying these parts of books: as regular entries (as it is done nowadays and also in Citavi) or maybe in the drop-down field under the major title.
  • You can essentially do what you suggest with the Zutilo add-on, ie. automatically create a book section from a book and have the related link automated.
  • Thanks for the hint, but if I understand it right, this only automates the known behaviour but doesn't change the principle of working with part of books itself.
  • That's correct. Handling book sections as hierarchical parts of books has long been considered and might stit happen, but definitely not in the near future
  • If not in the near future, it would be great to see this improvement some day. Because it would make the handling of part of books and the main book so much easier, faster, clearer and less confusing.
  • This would be a great improvement for usability. Not only for adding parts of books, but also for the usage of them, when you see them all under the corresponding book.

    I would love to see this feature in the future.
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