Quickly switch to next item in list while keeping cursor in same field

I sometimes need to make edits in the same field for each item in a list. Is there an easy way to navigate through the list of items and having the cursor in the same field? Say, the field "abstract" is currently active. You switch to the next item in the list, and the cursor is again in the field "abstract". (I couldn't for a shortcut for this.)
  • No, that's not possible. It's a reasonable use case, but I'm not sure how we'd enable it in the UI.
  • Thanks for the answer.

    What do you mean be enable it in the UI? Technically? Or how to expose it to the user? If the latter, what about a simple shortcut like ctrl+arrowdown?

    I've also had a look at what Zutilo provides in this regard. Switching back and forth between different panes is possible so it may also be possible to implement something there.

    Anyway, I found an even better solution for my specific use case. For me it's mostly a matter of adding one out of three or four DDC numbers to the abstract field and I will probably just add tags. So I can just keep the focus on the main item pane, move up and down with the arrows, and add the relevant tags via shortcuts. Finally, a script should be able to add the DDC numbers based on the tags. But, nevertheless, a general solution for this would be nice.
  • What do you mean be enable it in the UI? Technically? Or how to expose it to the user?
    The latter. I don't think there's a particularly good way to implement this that wouldn't break UI conventions — e.g., a shortcut while a text field is focused shouldn't really have anything to do with the items list selection. (Ctrl/Cmd-Down in a text field takes you to the end of that line or field.) The closest to a standard solution might be a way to basically toggle edit mode on, such that clicking to a different item kept the fields editable, but that's not how Zotero works, and even then keeping the focus in the same field would somewhat break standard expectations.

    Anyway, I don't think this is something we'll take on anytime soon, but plugins could explore ways to do it.
  • I think a shortcut like Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+Enter/Return might make sense
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