"Add file" on mobile only allows images.

Currently, most informational resources encourage hacking the bookmarklet for mobile use or using the "save to zotero" page when on mobile.

When on a mobile browser (I've tested multiple Android ones), when clicking the option "add file" it calls up the Android options of adding an image, specifically image, limited only to image.

The same is true for adding a standalone file.

Attaching a pdf or any other type of file is not possible.

I suspect this is a bug. I can add files from my android in other web forms.

Anyone else notice this?
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    Just to clarify: what you've described happens on a web version of Zotero, i.e. Web Library? When editing an item, you try to add an attachment using "Add File Attachment" option, correct?

    What should happen next is your mobile browser should show a few options where to source files from, usually one the options is an app simply called "Files" (on most devices it has a blue folder icon). From that app you should be able to select any kind of file, not only photos.

    At which point do you see something else? What kind of Android device is it and which browser are you using?
  • Yes you are correct about the location in which this is happening. How ever the next part about what "should happen" is wrong, and thus why I am writing.

    on the part where you write"What should happen next ... show a few options where to source files from... " I agree should show any kind of file picker (as the forms on other websites do. ) the options that should show up should be file picking apps or interfaces, such as Solid explorer, or "my files ," or the system explorer. I have several file explorer apps on my devices to choose from.

    This does not happen. Clicking the attach file link calls up only photo or image related actions or apps that pick images,, such as photo apps, gallery apps or image apps like Icon packs. This is what happens when the form is written in such a way to attach an image, as oppose to attach a file in general.

    It is clear that the "add attachment" option is only prompting the android system to pick an image.

    The is no option to attach a file listed in the options that android presents when it reads that "attach file" command. Only images...

    I have used-
    Samsung tab s4
    Moto g power
    Samsung galaxy note 10+
    Google pixel 5

    And browsers -
  • Thank you for confirming.

    I've tried to reproduce this using Chrome on few Android devices, including a Samsung Tab S4, and every time I can see file browser that lets me pick any file from my device.

    Could you please provide a screenshot or, ideally a screencast, from your attempt? You can upload it to dropbox or similar and post a link here. It might help me reproduce the issue so that I can try to fix it.
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