Quotation marks only work in notes when I enter them twice

I add quite some notes to my references in Zotero. In the note-taking field, a single or double quotation mark only shows up when I enter it twice, and then it also shows up twice.

So, If I type ' I see just an empty space. If I type '' (twice a single quotation mark) I also see ''.

Likewise, if I type " I see an empty space. If I type "" I see ""'.

Maybe this is a bug?

I made a test note with some quotation marks and then filed a report.

Report ID: 1927331941

  • 5.0.60
    You're using a version of Zotero from January 2019. Install the latest version from the download page. You should also figure out why you weren't receiving automatic updates.
  • thank you! i received zotero via my university and IT controls the updates, so i will notify them.
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