Is there a way to sort Related items alphabetically?

When the list of items in the Related tab is long (e.g., for an oft-cited publication for which Related is used to track citations), it becomes hard to use without sorting ... by comparison the Tags tab is sorted alphabetically
  • No, sorry, there isn’t a way to sort the Related Items tab currently.
  • I too would benefit from this functionality. Can this be identified as a feature request?
  • Hi, I would appreciate word on the present status of this issue. I am trying to set up my Zotero notes as a Zettelkasten, more than 7000 of them. I have only just begun but I am already having notes with links to fifty or more other notes on the Related tab. I find -- as dclunie did more than two and a half years ago -- that using this feature to find relevant linked notes gets progressively difficult as the list grows, which it does as you link more and more notes. Using in-line links rather than Zotero's Related facility is only sustainable with links to a few other notes. That stops being the case when you have thirty or more such links: the link-from note becomes too long after a while, which hampers quick review of its essential content and probably causes other problems I may not have experienced as yet.

    Having a way to sort the items in the Related pane would be a great help. In fact, it would greatly enhance Zotero's potential as a Zettelkasten application. It already has most of the prerequisites in this regard. It also would help those of us with large numbers of notes in Zotero who for that reason find it more practical to use it for our zettelkasten than to export them to plain-text or markdown files -- which I have yet to find how to do for more than 7000 notes without what amounts to self-torture.

    So may I know the current status of this matter? Thanks in advance.
  • The search reveals that this issue has been asked by the users at least since 2013. I wonder what should be done in order for the developers to have a look at it.
  • I too would find this helpful.
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