Not alined with APA's 7th Edition

For some reason, the software is not producing references that correlate with the APA's 7th Edition.
  • Zotero produces extremely accurate APA citations, so you're almost certainly doing something wrong. Say exactly where you're selecting the style and paste some sample output you're getting, as well as what you're expecting.
  • What exactly do you mean is wrong?
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    @bwiernik I didn't realize the email was noreply@ and I attached the comments from the professor.

    She said some sources had italics and shouldn't.
  • @dstillman I have never had an issue until this professor. Usually, I export the sources into Zotero through the library and change the sentence case. When I am citing, I add the citations, and when I am done, I add the bibliography.

    I noticed that the two from SAGE Publications have the title italicized.

    Reflexivity: The essential guide (title)-exported as a book.

  • We still need the sample output you're getting and what you're expecting.
  • Note that the Sage webpages are frequently broken, so they often import as webpages instead of journal articles. For best results from Sage, import using the magic wand tool in Zotero with the DOI for the article.
  • @dstillman
    The references were missing italics or had italics. @bwiernik's comment cleared that up for me. Thanks.

    @bwiernik that explains it. For this last assignment, I used the magic wand to import the info because I did notice that most of the comments were missing the DOI from the field. I'll be doing that from now on.

    The source below was missing the following fields: publication, volume, and URL when I imported it from using the Zotero extension.

    [Source: Ronald J. Chenail. Conducting Qualitative Data Analysis: Managing Dynamic Tensions Within The Qualitative Report Volume 17, T&L Article 4, 1-6]
  • Some websites don’t have great data, and that limits what Zotero can import. ERIC is very inconsistent. You should always check the data for completeness and accuracy after importing
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