Capitalize only the last name

Hello everyone!

I need help editing the Amsterdam University Press style.

The regular output looks like this (individual citation):

Popper, Conjectures and refutations: The growth of scientific knowledge.

and I need it to
1) add given name
2) capitalize last name
3) add year

Karl POPPER, Conjectures and refutations: The growth of scientific knowledge, 2014.

I have tried for over an hour with the online editor but the visual editor does not make any changes and the code editor just crashes.
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    Continued from here:
    (There was no need to open a new thread)

    As you seem to have added various customisations already you'd need to share your code so we can figure this out. Pastebin or similar.
    Run it through this first and fix the issues:
  • So let's go step by step.

    I managed to remove the parentheses in the bibliography and add the year to the citation. If I manage to fix the author name I think I might figure out the rest.

    In both the bibliography and citation, I would like it to print First L A S T. (Not entirely sure if kerning/spacing is an option but just capitalizing the last name would be a big step already)

    Sadly it's not possible to upload pictures here but I basically tried to make two name-part commands, one with "given" and initial capitalized and one with "family" and all capitalized. The result: nothing changed.

    In the visual editor, I made:
    >>contributors-short (macro)

    I created a pastebin account as you said, not sure if it worked, I hope you can open it. If not maybe I can put the CSL on google drive or something?

    Many thanks in advance!
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    You'll need to be careful with settings set directly on "citation" or bibliography. They can override things within the layout.

    You want to set "name-form" to long to include the first names.
    To get LAST NAME in caps you need to choose "uppercase" on name-part:family.
  • the best is to provide a wyswyg style editor, just like the function in the endnote software
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    We have that... Put your code into the code editor and then click on the Visual Editor.
  • for the better of the zotero software, you should really not recommend using any other third party packages for the coding....
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    Why not? The citation styles Zotero uses are a third party open source project, CSL, which means they benefit (and benefit from feedback from) a much wider group of users.
    The CSL editor is maintained by the CSL project
    (edit: also, please don't just post into other folks' thread unless you have something to add to their question)
  • I facepalmed so hard I almost slapped myself out of my own seat when I realized how the "Name-Part" command worked. Also I selected "capitalize-all" instead of "uppercase" because… I dunno just felt like being stupid I guess.

    here is the new My Awesome Super Style code!

    It's almost prefect, now there are two things I'd still like to change:

    1) If you load the citation example "article-journal The varieties of capitalism and hybrid success" it puts the paper in 'single quotes' but I would like it to be "double quotes". I looked around the interface but couldn't find an option to specify what types of quotation marks to use.

    2) If you load the citation example "book Steve Jobs" it says "[…], New York, NY: Simon & Schuster,[…]". Is there a way to make it drop the "NY" or is that just a US thing you cannot get around?

    Thanks again very much damnation for your help. You're the best!
  • 1) That is set by the language. You can set it to en-US to get: "...". That potentially also changes other things in your style (date formatting etc.). If that's not wanted you can override in the locale section like so:

    2) No, Zotero only can use whatever is in the data of your entry. You'd change the data in your Zotero directly. I think you can ignore this as that's just sample data in the editor.
  • wow that was fast! Thank you so so so much! That'll be it for now. I'll annoy you with more questions once I run into a problem.

    Have a nice weekend!
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