VBA code for Unlink Citations

After creating a bibliography, I want to do all the following by creating a macro within Word:

Select bibliography
Unlink citations
Run Autoformat to apply links
Apply a Word style to the bibliography

The Record Macro feature doesn't pull anything from Zotero's Unlink Citations button, and I'm not sure what to put in VBA...is that code available?

  • I don't know if Word macros can call other macros, but if they can, you can see the name of the macro in the settings, the same way you set shortcut keys:

  • If you click "view macros" there should be a list of zotero macros. One of them is ZoteroRemoveCodes which I imagine what you are looking for. I wrote a script that does the opposite (inserts a bibliogrphy at end of document) and it works really well, so definitely possible to include zotero commands in VBA.

    The command you would need is :
    Application.Run "ZoteroRemoveCode"
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