Confusion of Duplicate Items [Suggestion]

edited April 17, 2022

In the past months, I have transferred all my research resources to Zotero which is a life saver.

In this process, I think I encountered a perception error in the program. The problem is that it actually perceives non-identical sources as the same and listing them in "Duplicate Items".

Let me give an example, I have a 5 volume book series published by the same author with the same title in my library. The series is the same, but the volumes are different and even the publication dates are different. But Zotero shows them in duplicate items list:

2012, X Author, Y Title, Volume 1
2013, X Author, Y Title, Volume 2
2014, X Author, Y Title, Volume 3
2015, X Author, Y Title, Volume 4
2016, X Author, Y Title, Volume 5

Although the years and volumes are different, somehow they show up in the duplicate list. Information such as ISBN, Catalog are also blank to prevent a possible match.

In this context, my suggestion is that; even if the titles and authors are the same, entries with different years and/or volumes may not be listed as duplicates.

  • I encountered the same issue. Empty ISBNs or DOIs with different volumes (same title and authors are flagged as dups, which they are not. Would you please fix and release an update? It will be highly appreciated.
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