bugs in zotero support for letters and other archival sources

Chicago "note without bibliography" style exports letters and manuscripts incorrectly: It omits all archival information (location in archive and repository), type of manuscript/letter, and recipient for letters. Manuscript titles should be in quotation marks; they are not.

For a letter, I should get:

1. Mark J. Woods to William E. Harkness, memorandum, September 15, 1923, box 1, folder 3, EPHJ Mss.

Instead I get:

1. Mark J. Woods, September 15, 1923.

For a manuscript, I should get:

1. J. Andrew White, “Radiophone Broadcasting of Dempsey-Carpentier Fight on July 2, 1921,” typescript, New York, July 14, 1921, series 135 box 532, GHC Mss., 3.

Instead I get:

1. J. Andrew White, Radiophone Broadcasting of Dempsey-Carpentier Fight on July 2, 1921 (New York, 1921), 3.

This makes Zotero pretty much useless for citing either item type. If there is a way for me to fix this myself in Zotero I am happy to do it for the Chicago style.
  • I would be good to see support for ISO 690, the international standard. See http://www.collectionscanada.ca/iso/tc46sc9/standard/690-2e.htm

    Ideally, journals should converge on an international standards rather than the current babel-like situation.
  • Rick: in the long run, styles will become irrelevant, as everything becomes electronic and web accessible. But we'll be stuck with the arcane eccentricities of publisher and journal specific citation styles for a long time unfortunately.

    The problem with the formatting of manuscripts isn't really the style; more how Zotero currently implements CSL. But both CSL and the Zotero formatting engine are in the process of being updated, so hopefully we'll get that fixed along the way.
  • I think that the support of the international standards as well as citation styles is crucial for the scientific community; and the scientific community creates the biggest part of bibliographic software users.
  • My problem is that I get an open quote but not a close quote.
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    I tried to remake the ISO 690(-2)... see this:

    Post comments, please.

    For developers: I have found out, there is a bug - Zotero doesn't map the number-of-pages variable.

  • For developers: I have found out, there is a bug - Zotero doesn't map the number-of-pages variable.
    Known and fixed:
  • Thanks for it.

    Although I havent applied the patch, I trust you :) Can you update also http://www.zotero.org/support/dev/csl_syntax_summary#variables and especially chrome://zotero/content/tools/csledit.xul so I can test it, please.

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