Research notes in Scrivener & Zotero, and autocorrect in Notes field

For those of your who use both Scrivener & Zotero: I have gotten in the habit of keeping my research notes for books that I am reading in Scrivener so that I can search and find material from my notes along with my own writing material, but, of course, this means that the notes aren't in Zotero. And, I find that for other sources (podcasts, PDFs, etc), it flows more naturally to take research notes in Zotero, in part to avoid having to create an entry in Scrivener for each of those.

So, at the moment, my research notes are split between the two apps. Not what I want in the long term. I am feeling that I will probably move all my notes to Zotero, but that brings up a related issue in that on MacOS, the autocorrect feature doesn't seem to work in Zotero's notes field... I've gotten so used to it automatically correcting my sloppy typing that it's a real hinderance.

Just wanting to share experiences -- any tricks here?
  • Sorry, the built-in autocorrect won't currently work in Zotero notes. It's a technical limitation — Zotero is based on Firefox, and Firefox doesn't yet support the system autocorrect. They have an open ticket to fix that with some progress made, so there's a good chance this will be possible in the future.
  • got it. thanks for the explanation, I appreciate understanding what's going on behind the scenes.
  • Really good question about organizing notes most conveniently while in the writing process. I also use Scrivener and Zotero and am curious how others manage this as well. My zotero library is huge and covers so many different projects and teaching, etc. Scrivener has better nesting and viewing and sorting ease. But the new pdf viewer in Zotero now makes zotero more attractive again as the collection for notes. I have tended to duplicate between the two because everything *must* be in zotero. Being in Scrivener is a convenience.
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