Error American Psychological Association Version 7 Journal Article Style

Report 1497310588 I am using a Windows 10 system, Zotero version, pasting a copy of the bibliography into Word (we are not allowed to submit files with the Zotero integrated bibliography).

Zotero is building the bibliography entry for American Psychological Association Version 7 Journal Article Style wrong.

Caillet, A., Coste, C., Sanchez, R., & Allaouchiche, B. (2020). Psychological impact of COVID-19 on ICU caregivers. Anaesthesia, Critical Care & Pain Medicine, 39(6), 717–722. MEDLINE Complete.

The academic database should not be included in the reference. Zotero is pulling the information the archive field.

I did not realize the software was doing this and I received my first APA point deduction in over five years of college classes.

Does anyone have a workaround other than manually deleting the database from each entry? I am working a large research paper and it would take an inordinate amount of time to delete each entry.

  • With "academic database" you mean the DOI?

    APA7 is clear on that and says to include the DOI when available:
  • No, the "Medline Complete" part. That's a data entry issue, though. Is that in the Archive field in Zotero? It shouldn't be. From where/how did you import that?
  • The academic database names are from the archive field in the Zotero software. The citations are exported out of EBSCOHost following a search of the CINAHL Complete and Medline Complete databases. These are not manual entry situations.
  • Note - this is a fairly new occurrence starting between mid to late September when I was gathering early research for this project. It checked earlier papers from August and the database names were not present.
  • You should delete that from the Archive field. That shouldn’t be imported there.
  • I was hoping for a more global solution. I do need to know the academic database source to build the literature review flowchart. There are over fifty records so it would take a long time to move the data to another field. Zotero should know the correct fields to include in the APA 7 journal article reference. Regardless of how the information came to be a part of the record, there is no reason for the software to put the archive field into the reference. Is there a way to modify the format Zotero uses to build the reference so the archive field is not included?
  • "Regardless of how the information came to be a part of the record, there is no reason for the software to put the archive field into the reference."
    I do not think so, there is a lot of historical documents which are available in archives only. Archive information is a regular part of biblio record of these items. Some of them are old papers in journals or magazines. The problem is importing information about databases such Medline into this field. I am not convinced that this information should be in the Archive field. I expect that should be in the Library Catalog field only. But for example in my database, the information about Scopus or JSTOR were imported into both these fields.
  • This is a Zotero functionality issue.

    I created a sample record and generated a bibliography using the right mouse button on the record. The radio button for APA 7 was active, and the bibliography generated was pasted from the clipboard into a blank word document using the keep source formatting selection (see sample below that was pasted directly from the Zotero clipboard). The italics were in the appropriate positions however in addition to the archive field data populating incorrectly the formatting is defaulting to left indent -0.33" (should be 0) with hanging indent at 0.33" (should be 0.5").

    Smith, J. (2021). Sample article name. Test Journal, 1(1), 1–10. Test for archive field Zotero use.

    APA 7 journal article reference components include: Author, A. A., Author, B. B., & Author, C. C. (Year). Title of article. Title of Periodical, volume number(issue number), pages.

    EBSCOHost is in the library catalog field when the export citation function and Zotero connector are used.

    I understand everyone that has replied is trying to help. I need to know how to edit which information Zotero uses for the APA references.
  • If you want to modify the APA style, see

    We'll look at what's happening on import from EBSCO - the database information really shouldn't be in archive (and the archive field is used in the style for good reason, including e.g. also the electronic archive for theses etc.)

    Zotero/CSL doesn't set exact indent width, so you'll want to adjust the relevant Word style for that. The -margin is an issues with Word's interpretation of html in the clipboard, though. Using the Word add-on, you'll get the left margin/indent appropriately at 0.
  • It seems like a general translator's problem. I have the strings "JSTOR" or "Scopus" in fields "archive" and "Library Catalog" (the same string is in both fields).
  • Library Catalog would be a more appropriate place to store where the item was retrieved.

    But for systematic reviews, I use collections for this purpose. Make a collection for each of your search queries. This is better than storing this information in the item data because, after you merge duplicates, items remain in all of their original collections. Whereas, if you store it in an item field, only one version is retained when you merge duplicates.
  • I do not use this information, it is imported by the translator automatically.
  • Did the original issue reported here ever get resolved or is there a simple solution other than manually deleting the archive field from every reference in the paper that doesn't have a DOI?

    Revisting what the issue is:
    Anything without a DOI is still dropping in the 'archive' field, which is actually the database when the search was via EBSCO.
    Example: Arguedas, M., & Daradoumis, T. (2021). Analysing the role of a pedagogical agent in psychological and cognitive preparatory activities. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, 37(4), 1167–1180. Academic Search Complete.

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