Style request: Internet Archaeology

If someone could produce a style for this, or tell me of something identical, I'd be (very) grateful.

The style guide says —

Internet Archaeology employs the Harvard style of referencing, not footnotes. The main rule of thumb is to provide as much information as possible. If there is no date, use the abbreviation n.d. Do not abbreviate journal titles.
No brackets or full stops around year of publication.
Single quotes around journal/chapter titles.
Journal/Book titles in italics.
Volume numbers in bold.
Page number ranges may be elided but full ranges where there may be ambiguity.
DOIs where available should be cited in full ( not doi:10.11141/ia.24.8).
Distinguish between publications by same author in same year with a,b,c etc. Websites and other digital resources without DOIs should state a Last accessed date.


Journal articles
Author name(s) Year 'Article title', Publication (in italics) Vol No(in bold) with issue no. in
brackets, page nos. and/or DOI.

Article/chapter in edited volume/proceedings
Author name(s) Year 'Article title' in Editor name(s)

Author name(s) Year Publication (in italics), Place of publication: publisher.

Primary sources
Name of the institution responsible for the custody of the record/catalogue, title and
reference including any additional identifiers.

Social media
Teleimmersive Archaeology 2011, 13 Apr 'Cyberarchaeology. Experimenting with
Teleimmersive Archaeology' [YouTube] [Last accessed: 5 Jun 2017]

More here (PDF) —

Thanks, hopefully!

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