could not search standalone notes by tags

I have collected some quotations in a specific note and put some tags on it.
But when I searched with those tags, Zotero could not find it. Any problems with my procedure?
  • I have the same question/problem as you do. I couldn't research tags that I put in the annotations when I jump out and go to the main interface.

    Also, I notice that those tags do not appear in the 'item notes' window on the right, so if I want to transfer (copy and paste) my annotations to another software, all my tags are lost. It is like I have wasted my time this whole time to add tags.
  • @adoramuste: For standalone notes, make sure you're in All Fields & Tags mode when searching via the search bar. You can also filter using the tag selector.

    @Muchen: This thread is (I believe) about standalone notes, not annotations. Tags on annotations in the beta PDF reader don't yet appear in the items list and aren't yet available via search, but that's planned.
  • @dstillman yes, thank you for the suggestion. it works perfectly.
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