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Is there a way (shortcut or something like that) to see the previous view on Zotero PDF? If not, are you guys planning to add this in future releases? This is a really useful feature for going forth and back for references or figures when reading papers.

  • The standard keyboard shortcuts work, i.e. alt + left/right arrow on Windows and I think cmd+[ or ] on Mac (not 100% sure on the latter)
  • I'm not aware of this feature (alt + left/right arrow) and have been searching for days. It turns out this feature is located in the "Go -> Back/Forward" menu.

    Personally I think it's not intuitive for me to release that it enables jumping between references and pages. Do you have any plan to rephrase the menu text or add a new icon on the UI?
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    It's not specific to references. They're just links in the PDF, and Go → Back/Forward is appropriate language here. There might be toolbar buttons for this at some point, at least as an option, but the same or similar language is used in other PDF readers.
  • @dstillman Thank you for the explanation! I agree that a toolbar button will be helpful, hopefully it will be added in the stable version.
  • @dstillman: It would be nice to have this shortcut on the iPad, too. I am using mine with a folio-style keyboard case.
  • A toolbar button for previous view is so welcome~~
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