Disable proxy redirect for domains not working

When I attempt to access my school's databases, the Zotero chrome plugin automatically proxies the sites. And I want this because many of the databases require multiple logins which becomes a pain when your login is some arbitrary number. However, one site failed when I try to access it. I figured out that I can disable Zotero from automatically redirecting and it works fine. But I have to reenable it if I need to access something else and it becomes a pain trying to bounce back and forth between enabling it and disabling it. I've tried to get the "Disable proxy redirection when my domain name contains" to work, however, it doesn't matter what I put in there, the site is still redirected.
I've noticed that when I click on a link to the one site I don't want to proxy, the site first takes me to OpenAthens.net, then to a.ebscohost.com, and finally to search.ebscohost.com. OpenAthens doesn't proxy, but a.ebscohost.com does. I've tried to get the disable proxy option using a.ebscohost.com and just ebscohost.com but it still redirects me to the proxy. And like I said, disabling and reenabling the proxy multiple times during my studies is becoming a real pain. Can anyone tell me how to get the disable proxy redirects for domains to work properly?
  • Disable proxy redirection when my domain name contains
    This is intended to be used when you are connected to your institution wifi/network. It doesn't do what you think it does. It's about your external IP address' domain name.

    Either way if you remove the host from the host list for the site that you don't want proxied, Zotero won't try to proxy it unless you access it with your school's proxy again. You can also uncheck "Disable proxy redirection when my domain name contains" in the proxy settings, then Zotero won't try to associate new websites with the proxy and will only auto-redirect for sites that have already been detected.
  • The way I would try to handle your use case is to disable proxy for the site and then rely on reloading with proxy which is available on right click on the save to Zotero icon
  • adomasven: Thanks for the info. I "assumed" that the disable option would disable it when I tried to access a site.

    adasmith: I'll try your suggestion. I had to re-install my system and am trying to get the proxy added back to chrome. It's been a nightmare losing my coursework and having to start from an old backup. I try to backup my system nightly, but I didn't notice the system was failing on the backups and then finally crapped out altogether.

    Thanks to both of you for your suggestions.
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