ISBN not imported from BibTex records

I am converting a homegrown database to Zotero, using BibTex format records. ISBN field was a total fail on import. Wondering if I used the wrong tag, or if field contents don't conform to expected format, or if there is another explanation. Other data ingested fine.
Here is an example record:

title={Grand Canyon National Park: Birds and Mammals.},
author={Elizabeth Briars Hart and Stephen Whitney},
publisher={Seattle, WA: Mountaineers Books},
isbn={1594850208 pa},
keywords={Animals; NORTH AMERICA, WESTERN},
note={96 birds and 35 mammals; color illustrations. Laminated sheet. 1 sheet. $5.95pa.}
  • Nevermind... The ISBN data was imported, I just happened to be looking at records that lacked an ISBN.
  • Just as a note since you posted an example -- the authors in your data aren't well formatted and that may well cause problems. You really want them to be in Family, Given format so "Briars Hart, Elizabeth and Whitney, Steven"
    It's also preferable to have the publisher location as "address" as in
    address={Seattle, Wa}
  • Agree totally, and I do not understand why the author names were entered this way in the original database--who does that!? But there are 5500+ names, and fixing would be challenging, because not all are people... Import seems to have gone OK, but reviewing
  • OMG BibTeX! Sry, can't help saying this.
  • While the Last, First format is easier to parse unambiguously and therefore prefered, First Last is technically valid bibtex, even if "Elizabeth Briars Hart" should have been "Elizabeth {Briars Hart}" if you want to get [Elizabeth][Briars Hart] in your bibliography/after import.
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