Zotero Ingegration Error "Zotero experience an error updating your document."

Hi there,

I'm having issues adding a citation into my word document. I am currently working on a document linked to one drive with tracked changes. I saved it to my desktop and turned off tracked changes, and still had the issue. I tried opening up a new, blank word document and I am still receiving the same error. Finally, I copied and pasted the contents into a google doc where the citations are working per normal. However, I would like to get back to working on word! I've tried nearly all the troubleshooting options suggested on the page, but nothing seems to work.

Report ID: 2068141023
MacOS Big Sur version 11.4

Looking forward to hearing back from you and the solution :)
  • You need to accept all tracked changes. Just disabling it is not good enough. Have you tried restarting your Mac?
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