Advanced search giving wrong results

Hi, while using the advanced search, detailing the ask to only tags, I'm obtaining wrong results. I'm searching for references that "does not contain" a specific label and the results are showing references that "do contain" the specific label. The same while trying with "is/is not" rule.
Thanks for your help
  • Have you restricted the search to top level items? Tag membership is a bit messy, since attachments can have separate sets of tags.
  • thanks for your reply. I chose the top-level items as you suggested but the same wrong results are obtained.
    With what you provided means that doesn't worth a while to use the search tool for tags, is it?
    The idea is to identify a set of references that DO have a specific label, separating from the ones that DO NOT have.
  • This works flawlessly for me in some tests. Can you describe in more detail how this fails? E.g., are all items containing a tag included in the "does not contain" or "is not" results? Only some of them?
  • It is not easy to say how many are in each option because we already have lots of references - if all, only a subset. I know I have several results with the "does not contain" option + the tag I want to differentiate and the results show several references that "do contain" the tag.
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