one bibliography for entire library

Help! Apparently I haven't used Zotero the "usual" way...I am now putting together my final dissertation manuscript, and need my full bibliography out of Zotero. I did not use the "write and cite" option as I went along, so none of my citations are linked with Zotero.

I had (mistakenly) assumed that I could just do one export of my entire library (not individual collections, of which I have about 5-7) as a bibliography. I have been searching for a few hours now online, but do NOT see that as an option.

What are my options at this point? Two committee members are awaiting my full draft (it was supposed to have been Friday), and this is the last obstacle I have to submission. Thank you for any thoughts and suggestions.
  • Can you create a new collection, copy all items in your library to that new collection, then generate a bibliography?

    Or is there a different problem?
  • You can just go to "My Library" --> select all (ctrl+a on Windows/linux, cmd+a on Mac), right-click --> Create bibliography from selected items.

    Note that collections aren't folders, so _all_ your items will be included under "My Library" no matter whether they're also in a collection or not.
  • HI to you both, I have not figured a way to copy all items in my library. I use a Mac and the CMD+a suggestion did not work.

    Can you tell me, based on an actual experience of trying to copy all items in your library, how you managed to do it?
  • BTW for example, even when I am in one collection, using "Select All" under Edit menu, does not even work.
  • Don't use the edit menu. Click in the middle panel, then use cmd+a. Definitely works.
  • Thank you!!! It did, wow.
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