Giving Group Access to Shared PDF's

Hi, I'm a student from NYU researching with a professor from another university during my gap semester. When I added research articles from the NYU database to my personal folder, I was able to access the attached pdf's. However, when I put the research papers in our group library, my professor was not able to access the pdf's. When she clicked on the articles, it simply brought her to the NYU login page. How can I share pdf's with her? Thanks!
  • There is important what type of group it is - see
    Open public groups do not allow file sharing
  • The administrator changed the group from public to private and permitted members to edit folders. Before, when I put research papers in our group library, both my professor and I did not see the attached pdf's. Now, I can see the attached pdf's, but my professor still can't. It still simply brought her to the NYU login page. Thanks if you could help!
  • If it's taking her to the NYU login page, it sounds like there are no attached files and it's just opening the URL in the URL field.

    You need to make sure that the items in the group actually have attachments and that they're synced properly.
  • Yep, the items in the group have attachments, but only I am able to access them. They probably can't access the files because I saved the URL of the pdf. I'm not sure how to save only the pdf onto Zotero besides downloading it.
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    Not really sure what you mean there. Again, see Files Not Syncing to debug this.

    If it helps, take some screenshots of what you're referring to, upload them somewhere (e.g., Dropbox or Google Drive), and provide a link here.
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