Zotero Group Will Not Show

I joined a Zotero Group with my boss and colleagues but it is not showing up in my Zotero app on my computer. When I access Zotero through a web browser, the group I am in shows up only there. However, this is not the only group that is doing this.

This issue first began when I was first starting with Zotero and wanted to see how making other groups worked, so I created one called "schooling" and joined it. When it did not show up, I assumed I did not properly hit a submit button or something of the sort so I did it again and created a second group under the exact same name. Now, when in a web browser, I see three groups - the one from my boss, and my two "schooling" groups. What is even weirder is that, even though I am the owner and sole member of the "schooling" groups, I cannot delete them. Instead, I get an error message saying to try again later. And I cannot figure out how to get them to appear on my Zotero desktop application.
  • Did you check in Zotero Preferences -> Sync that you are signed in and that you have enabled syncing of the group libraries under `Choose Libraries...`?
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