Overleaf-initiated export of Citation keys not as expected


I'm using Overleaf to author my paper.

I created a 'new' file in Overleaf (BibLaTeX), importing "From Zotero" (following these steps: https://libanswers.caltech.edu/faq/204206).

Here's what's wrong:

The auto-generated Citation Keys that Zotero nicely creates – and displays in the Zotero App are not exported to that file. Instead of


I get


– any ideas on why this happens would be appreciated. Thank you!
  • If you're getting Citekeys displayed, these are not by Zotero but by the BBT add-on and those aren't picked up by the API, which is what Overleaf relies on.

    I think the best way to deal with this to use Overleaf's ability to rely on a synced biblatex files, which you could put on Dropbox, github, or the like.

    @emilianoeheyns may have additional ideas.
  • If you pin your keys using BBT, they will show up on overleaf. That will still be the stock zotero bibtex export though. The only way to put full bbt output in overleaf without going through Dropbox/github/etc is to use BBTs git support to push straight to overleaf, but it's on the paid tier I think,and then dropbox is going to be easier to set up for most people.
  • Thanks, I'll go through Dropbox (I am on the paid plan)! All good now!
  • Auto-export + Dropbox is as seamless as it gets.
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