Style request: Conservation Biology

I would like to request a style for the journal Conservation Biology.

Similar to: Ecology


In-text citations
1. Ampersand (&) between two author surnames
2. Entries separated with a semicolon (;)

1. Journal articles: No DOI
2. Journal articles: Volume in bold
3. Book sections: "in" before editors is not italicized

Style guide found at:

Recent article (should be open access):

Thank you!
  • It's up on the repository - should show up soon
    report any remaining problems in this thread.
  • @adamsmith

    problem with the citation style you posted it has been changed

    (from submission of manuscripts guidelines:
  • Could I ask for an update for this style? Conservation Biology now asks for "and" to be used as the last delimiter and for initials of all authors apart from the first to appear before their names. In addition initials should be separated by ". " and commas should appear after surnames. Volumes should still be in bold.

    Article example: Christensen, N. D., and J. Eu. 2003. Ecology of cranberry bogs: a case study. Ecology
    59:1147–1167, 1178–1187

    Book example: Cran, B., C. Boy, and L. Shi. 1911. Native forest birds of Guam. Pages 4–8 in T.
    Wu and L. Lee, editors. Flora and fauna of Guam. 2nd edition. Tell Books, Sydney.

    Many thanks!
  • Not to worry, I've done it! But it does need updating for anyone else. Happy to upload what I've done if that helps.
  • If you're willing to go through
    that'd be super helpful -- might look intimidating at first, but really no that bad.
  • @ruby248
    Could you link to these new guidelines?
    I can't seem to find them. I'm happy to get the changes uploaded once we verified them. thank you.
  • bizarrely they don't seem to be up? are the guidelines but the link in there is actually dead. Ah Wiley...
  • edited April 24, 2018
    Guidelines back up, but this is what I see there (guidelines are from Feb-2017):
    Christensen ND, Eu J, Hebbble W. 2003. Ecology of cranberry bogs: a case study. Ecology 59:1147–1167, 1178–1187.

    And here is an example from a paper from 2018:
    Jenkins LD, Maxwell SM, Fisher E. 2012. Increasing conservation impact
    and policy relevance of research through embedded experiences.
    Conservation Biology 26:740–742.

    Where did you get the examples you posted a week ago?
  • Corrected this style on GitHub following this: Style Guide feb2019-1551741575403.pdf

    Can someone please verify and accept if OK?
  • edited October 6, 2021
    The original request here was for DOI-based web addresses for 'recent articles'. The current styles asks just for DOI numbers for 'online articles'. If you can suggest a way to differentiate 'online' journal articles from normal journal articles, let me know and I can add.
  • We test for volume and page as that's a pretty sure giveaway that an article has been published. If not you'd print the DOI.

    As pseudocode:
    if not=volume AND page
    print DOI

  • I think done, the branch is 'patch-1'
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