subfolders not syncing to parent folders online

In our group libraries some items in subfolders on my desktop app are syncing to their parent folders on the app, but not to their parent folders online. which, in turn, means they are not syncing to parent folders in my group members' libraries either.
(error 642021391 )
  • I don't quite understand what's not syncing where. Could you give an example?

    If this is about _items_ in subcollections, make sure this isn't just a display issue:
    Items in subcollections are by default not shown in parent collections, and that's the only behavior available online. If the Zotero app, you can toggle this behavior under View --> Show Items from Subcollections. That setting is for the specific Zotero app, so can be different for every group member.
  • That was exactly the fix. thank you!
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