5.0.97-beta.43+c5d89f6d0 shortcuts do not work

edited September 2, 2021
Just now found out that some shortcuts, cmd+shift+A and +C for two copying, ones that I use frequently, do not work. And when pressed cmd+shift+A somehow the Zotero recognises it as cmd+A (select all). Currently on the Mac version.

PS, create a new item, note, quick search work (these are the ones I tried).

  • I can reproduce the problem of Cmd-Shift-A triggering Select All, but Cmd-Shift-C is working for me (and Cmd-Shift-A does actually trigger its usual action, just after selecting all items).

    Check your Quick Copy settings in the Export pane of the preferences, and provide a Debug ID for an attempt if you're still having trouble.

    We'll fix the Cmd-Shift-A/Select All problem — thanks for reporting.
  • Cheers for the swift response! For some odd reason once I'm in Debug mode I can use cmd-shift-c.. so that's good.

    PS: In some occasions, depending on the dimensions of the opened window, the layout might not be zoom/arranged appropriately (e.g. I'm currently in the stacked view w/ tag pane enabled, in some zoom config the tag pane is not shown). But I have yet managed to reproduce the problem this time around (or it might have been an issue in previous versions).
  • It wouldn't have anything to do with debug mode. Likely just restarting Zotero or trying again.
  • i have similar issue: cmd-shift-A doesn't work for copying citation.
    Report ID: 1585002442
  • @adoramuste Does it work if you try to copy it via the Edit menu?
  • Just dropping a line saying that on 5.0.97-beta.46+4cfa23050, this problem is fixed! Thanks a lot!
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