zotero://select links not working

Today I tried replacing the folder hierarchy on my hard drive with a collection hierarchy in zotero for my course literature and then adding a collection link to the folder. I found that I can use the zotero://select link with a clickable internet link and it will open up the correct collection locally on zotero. Nice! However, I've run into some issues now: I have both zotero and juris-m installed (the latter I installed a year ago, but ended up not using it). The following is my situation:

When click the link and zotero is open, Windows will focus on zotero and open up the correct collection.

When I click on the link and zotero is not open, Windows will not open up zotero, but open up juris-m, even though my juris-m library is empty.

When I click on the link with juris-m uninstalled, I get an error saying that Windows doesn't know how to open the file and that I need to define a standard app to open the link. This also happens if I paste the link into my browser instead.

Why does happen? And is there a way to fix this behavior?

Many thanks in advance!
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