Annotations are not syncing to online Zotero repository in Papership

I have a workflow where I highlight and annotate PDFs on my iPad Pro. Then I want Papership to sync with Zotero so that these highlights and annotations get uploaded to, so that I can then view them there or on my macOS Zotero app. For some reason this was working originally, and now it is not. Is this buggy in general? Is dragging down on the list of papers *really* the only way to force a sync? Very weird UI that there's not an explicit "sync" button.
  • Papership is very buggy and hasn’t been updated in nearly 4 years. You would need to contact the Papership developers, but I wouldn’t be optimistic about a response. I recommend using the Zotfile plugin in Zotero to work with your tablet.
  • Note that Papership was in fact updated in 2019, but this didn't fix the sync issue. Sync is still very unreliable.

    The Zotero iOS app is out an an invite beta (you can request an invite on the website), and I can confirm the sync is reliable, although the annotation tools are significantly more limited than Papership.
  • Confirm @jessriedel is correct. Sync of papers and folders works fine. But sync of annotations is hit and miss. Sometimes they show up promptly. Sometimes days later(!), and sometimes not at all. It's a shame - PaperShip is almost an excellent app, but is a few bugs and features away from being usable.
  • tcngrahan, there is now no reason to use PaperShip. Zotero iOS Beta now has (to my knowledge) all of its features plus several more, and is significantly more reliable. PaperShip is abandoned, and Zotero iOS Beta is soon going to move out of beta.

    To get Zotero iOS Beta, you need TestFlight on iOS. Follow the instructions on the Zotero website:
  • Thanks @jessriedel. Yes, I applied for the Zotero iOS beta some time ago. I'm hoping that one day, I will get the happy message that I'm admitted.
  • Zotero for iPad now available, so this is no longer an issue. Hope you like it as much as I do, tcngraham :)
  • Yep awesome!!!
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