Feature request: Keep screen on for Zotero built in reader on iOS

On the Zotero iOS app, is it possible to provide an option in the built in PDF reader to keep the screen/display on when reading a PDF? Currently when reading a paper, the phone screen dims and then turns off automatically if there is no activity detected. This annoying if one is actually reading the paper and has to frequently tap the screen to while reading to prevent the screen from turning off.
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    @michalrentka could comment on whether this is technically possible, but it seems a bit dangerous — unless you're playing video, you should be able to put down your iPad without the screen staying on forever. Do other reading apps — e.g., Kindle — do this?

    I assume you're aware of this, but you can adjust the lock timeout in the iOS settings (which also adjusts the dimming timeout).
  • When you say "seems a bit dangerous", I assume you are referring to battery life and or security of the device since the screen will not get locked. When reading a PDF using the Acrobat app on iOS, there is a toggle option to "Keep screen on" found under View settings when viewing a PDF. In Acrobat, this setting does not appear if the device is in low power mode. Furthermore, the setting state is always defaulted to off and the modified state (i.e. on state) will only remain for the session during which the PDF is loaded. So for example, if a user changes the state to on when viewing the PDF then goes back to list of files and loads the same PDF again, then the setting will be defaulted to off.
  • Yeah, those are good protections.
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