weblibrary find less results than standalone with "everywhere" searching


When I search documents with a keyword with "everywhere" method, I find more documents with standalone than with weblibrary.
(for example 92 vs 10).

I try to replace the weblibrary by my local library but results still the same.

Is it possible to obtain same searching results?
  • Web Library doesn't have "everywhere" method, it has "Title, Creator, Year + Full-Text Content". That's a significant difference and hence you see different results.

    Unfortunately it's not currently possible to perform "Everything" search in the web library - you'll need to use Zotero client for that.
  • Thank you for the answer. So "full-text content" is not full pdf searching? Apparently, weblibrary find some keywords from pdf, but not all. Most of differences observed come from pdf (I do not use tags & co, and after verification, keywords I tested are generally not in zotero fields).
  • The full text content should be the same; it uses the same index. What the web library would not find is things from metadata, including (and I suspect that might be going on) the abstract.
  • Thank you again. Several references found with standalone but not with web library have no abstract, and keyword searched is absent of all fields. This might be related to group (many persons used the library)? Or from my standalone configuration (max. number of characters 50 000 000 vs 500 000, max.pages 5000 vs 100 default)?
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    "Title, Creator, Year + Full-Text Content" mode in the Web Library should search content of the PDF. Are you the owner of the group? If you click on the PDF in Zotero (desktop app), does it say "Indexed: Yes" on the right-hand side pane? Did you sync and has the sync completed without any errors?
  • Are you the owner of the group? = Yes (but other admins exist)
    If you click on the PDF in Zotero (desktop app), does it say "Indexed: Yes" on the right-hand side pane? = Yes
    Did you sync and has the sync completed without any errors? = Yes
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    Could you provide an example of a keyword and the item key of an attachment that matches in Zotero but not in Web Library? It should match the content of the PDF, not on any of the fields.

    To find the item key of an attachment: right-click on it in Zotero, select "Show File". The folder that opens has a name that consists of 8 characters - that's the item key.
  • keyword= "Dytiscus"
    filename= "FC7VH5GV"
  • Forgot to mention that, but we will also need a group library name
  • Same results with unprotected pdf, for example CHIAL2QW
  • group library name = "Labo invertébrés" /labo_invertbrs
  • Thank you, I'll need to ask @dstillman for help with this so please bear with us while we investigate the issue.
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    @aquabio: This should now be fixed. We weren't properly showing more search results when there were more than 10 full-text matches for a given string. Thanks for reporting.

    It still may not show all results if you search for a very common string that appears in hundreds of items, but otherwise it should show the same matches now.
  • @dstillman Thank you, sorry I did not seen your reply. It is clearly better, but unfortunately, not sufficiently complete. Part of my colleagues works without hard drive (directly on a server), and it is disabling.
    For example, if I search "Dytiscus dimidiatus" in subfolder "Coleoptera", I found 35 documents in standalone (not a very common string), vs 16 in web library.
  • How many results are there for that in the whole library, if you search in the desktop app?
  • I find 35 also in the whole library
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