Add tags from PDF viewer

When you PDF viewer mode ( is there a way to add tags to the citation entry?
  • Click the second button in the upper right corner to show the item information pane
  • Thanks. I see the information pane, but there is no menu/button to add tags, and the other button is for the annotations. What am i missing?
  • I'm not sure which version you are using, but on my Mac you add tags (and comments) by clicking the top left button icon which looks like coloured lines (depending on the highlight color you have chosen).
  • @satikusala: A Tags tab isn't currently available in the PDF reader's item pane but will be added soon.
  • edited September 6, 2021
    Thanks. I am looking foward to this function as well. When opening multiple PDFs via built-in viewer and wanting to add tags to one certain PDF, I currently have to go back to the main library to find that PDF and add tags. It'd be more convenient once added. (as well as adding related items from the built-in viewer)
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