Change in-text citations to chronological

The journal I am submitting to (Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science) stipulates that I must provide in-text citations in chronological order:
Which states: "References in the text should be arranged chronologically."
I have checked and I have the latest Zotero style for this journal, but it isnt sorting the citations like this. They seem to be in whichever order I thought to add them, and if I toggle "keep sources sorted" on and off the order doesn't change.
Can anyone please give me some advice on whether the citation style is incorrect, or whether I'm doing something wrong. And how to fix it? Thanks.
  • I second this comment. The base Elsevier style does not seem to include any sorting. Some Elsevier journals seem to leave sorting for authors to decide (Aquaculture?), but to me it looks sloppy. Could we have chronological sorting in the base style, and then let individual journal styles to modify sorting whenever necessary?
  • Re how to fix it - you can add sorting to your citations easily. Go to the Visual CSL Editor, upload your style file. Then in the In-line Citations section on the left hand side, you can add your preferred sort order. Save the updated style and load it again in Zotero.
  • The problem with this solution is that once there is an update to the style, my local version, with its fix, will be overwritten (at least this is what has happened to me before). For this reason, it would be great if this change were implemented in the central repository.
  • FWIW, Elsevier Harvard does sort by author, then by date, which at least used to be the preferred option in the majority of Elsevier journals.

    The journal linked above specifically says that it isn't necessary to format references precisely as that's done on copyedit, btw.
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