authors' field: drawers?

I know Zotero is for academics, and Adam may have enough with my questions ;-)

Anyhow : you can list "authors", "editors", "collaborators", "translators" and (never understood why, perhaps for periodicals) "directors of collection".

Anybody felt the need (either than me, for my very specialized focus) to have a "drawer" item ? Like, when you want to register an illustrated book (which can of course be just a comic or a graphic novel, but can also be, say:

Lautréamont et Magritte. Les chants de Maldoror. Prairial éd., 2020 ? )

When I have "only" Lautréamont & Magritte, having 2 authors fields is not a big deal. However, if I have 3 or 4 authors and one drawer, it starts being different, especially when you want to highlight the (graphic) artist.

  • You can add Illustrator for an item in Extra like this:

    Illustrator: de Gaulle || Charles

    That will get picked up and included in citation styles that include the ‘illustrator’ variable.
  • Thanks. I'm not sure however this solution would fulfill my needs:

    - I need to see the illustrator when (eye-)scanning Zotero (i.e. sometimes he is more famous than the writer)

    - I often use the EXTRA field for the original publication date ( original-date:XXXX), which is important data in my fields.
  • You can have multiple items in Extra. Each should be on a new line.
  • Illustrator (and original date) added in Extra will also get picked up and transferred to proper fields in Zotero once they exist.
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