Code to change direct quotations from "p. 123" format to colons

My questions is kind of mentioned in the title.

Currently, when I use direct quotation with my current style, it appears as, for example (Author, 2012, p. 123). Is there anyway I can change the csl syntax so I would get colons instead, for example, (Author, 2012: 123)?

Many thanks in advance
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    Yes. Go to the part that starts with "<citation..." and look there for either some group delimiters or prefix for locator label.

    (Always easier for us to help if you tell you which style you're using or share your custom style via
  • For quick fixes like this, if you're not familiar with CSL styles, I find the Visual CSL Editor very handy: - you just upload the style, use the examples to identify where the code is, fix it and save the updated style (and then load the updated style back to Zotero).
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