Can we know how many citations are prior to a certain date and what are those citations?

edited August 31, 2021

Sometimes we have to write very long documents in which you have to add a large number of citations and the editors of the journals require that a certain percentage of the citations must be up-to-date (that is, the citations must be after a certain date). Is there any way to know:

1- How many times is an cite repeated in a certain document? that is, how many times was the same item used in a document?
2- Obtain a report that summarizes: how many (the number and the percentage) cites are before (or after) a certain date? and What are the cites before (or after) a certain date?

Document <- Libreoffice document or any word processor that supports Zotero.

Thanks in advance
  • You can do 1. by using Reference Extractor: (see the 'Store cites' option and export it into a new collection, say 'Cited').
    While I haven't done this myself, I expect you could get to 2. by:
    creating an advanced search that combine the criteria that it must match 'all' of: 1. in the Collection 'Cited' 2. where the publication date is before/after a certain year.
    If it was a small library, you might just need to display the 'Extra' field to see the number of cites.
    Or, you can then 'Export' that saved search as a CSV file, which will give you the 'Extra' field in a column that you could then add up using an Excel formula, and create the percentages.
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