APA 7th- No Link in reference

APA 7th ed. now requires the doi to show as a link in the reference page. This isn't working on mine. Is there a way to generate the reference page with doi and other reference links?
  • If you mean the links being “live” and clickable, the APA manual specifies that that is an option, but it’s not required.

    If you are using the Zotero word processor plugin and you want the links in the bibliography to be clickable, you can do that at the end of writing. First, save a copy of your document in case you need to make changes to your bibliography later. Then, disconnect your document from Zotero by clicking the Unlink Citations button in the Zotero tab. Then, select the bibliography text and run the Autoformat function in Word.
  • Thank you. now I guess for the silly question: please tell me how to "run the auto format function" in Word on Mac?

    My version Zotero (5.0.97) does not generate links in my Mac word doc.

    The editor shows the correct formatting but when inserted into Word (MAC) its is inserted in plain text.

    My professor is requiring live links for APA 7 (I have no clue why) and I have a large paper.

    Is there any thing I can do? Any suggestions outside of manually inputing about 50 hyperlinks?

    Thanks everyone. Not the most tech savvy but really need some help.
  • Wait to do this until the end of writing. The live Zotero fields can’t have active hyperlinks (Word limitation).

    Then, save a copy of your document and click the Unlink Citations from the Word Zotero tab.

    Then, two options. One, add the Autoformat button to your Quick Access Toolbar as shown here: https://www.addintools.com/documents/word/where-autoformat.html. Select the bibliography and click the button. Alternatively, it wouldn’t take too long to place your cursor after each URL and type space to activate the link.
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    Thank you VERY much!!!!

    For MAC users it's just a little different. I was in such a panic, I missed it. However its basically the same as the window instruction you provided.

    You saved me so much time. Thank you for your help and for not judging me. :)

    Thanks again, Take care!!!

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