[PDF reader] Formatting of extracted annotations

I used ZotFile to extract the annotations from PDFs and to fine-tune the formatting of the extracted text via some hidden preferences (such as .pdfExtraction.NoteHtmlTagStart, formatNoteTitle, formatAnnotationNote etc).

If I'm not wrong, I understood that this extraction process is now on the hands of the new embedded PDF reader and ZotFile can not manage this process anymore.

I was wandering if these "fine-tuning" annotation options are also available for the zotero PDF reader somewhere in the hidden config to adapt the annotation to better fit my writing/summarizing needs.
  • No, but if you explain the various things you want to do, we can consider them.

    Don't focus on the specific technical mechanics of the ZotFile options — most of these wouldn't make sense in the new note editor, so what matters is the actual use case.
  • Initially I was thinking about something like what is described in this post (https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/86855/make-note-editor-beautiful) but to generalize the answer and detach it from the general technical mechanics I'll just describe my needs.

    The main thing for me would be to remove all the quotation marks surrounding the extracted sentences and the reference appended at the end of each one, I just need to keep the text.
    In addition, instead of "Annotation + (date + time)" I would use "Item title + (first auth + publication date)".

    Maybe it could also be useful to export the already "partially digested" output to plain text (or markdown/org/odt/...) to give the freedom to further combine/edit/modify it with the preferred editor (a more personalized possibility to "generate report from item").

    Just my two cents
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